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Circuit Energy is a turn-key solutions provider for clients throughout Ontario seeking engineering and contracting, solar PV systems, and commercial lighting on a large scale. Our engineers, project managers, and application processing teams will assess your space and design a strategic plan to help save you money. Our sister company Edgecom Energy offers resources that permit customized “outside the box” solutions that will improve your overall energy efficiency. Contact our energy consultants today for a free audit of your property.

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Energy Saving Upgrades

Lighting to VFD upgrades, our team of professionals can help you save on energy.

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Electrical Services

Rely on our team of experts to design, troubleshoot and maintain your electrical grid.

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distributed energy resources

ICI Solutions

Minimize your GA costs by utilizing our services and see your electricity costs reduced by as much as 50%.Coordinate & automate incident resolution
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Renewable Energy

Harness the power of natural resources to feed the grid, reduce your electricity costs or simply power your remote properties.Coordinate & automate incident resolution
Alternative Power
Engineering & Contracting Canada

Engineering & Contracting

With their ability to tie-in to an existing infrastructure, gensets can mitigate GA charges or be used to address fluctuating electricity costs. Our engineers have the expertise to design, implement and commission full NG or diesel generator systems.

what is renewable energy?

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Whether it is your company’s goal to save on energy costs or simply be more green, we can help you get there with the installation of renewable energy systems on your property in various sizes and configurations.

Lighting and Electrical in Ontario
What is lighting in electrical?
Why is electric light important?
What was before electricity?
When did electric lights become common?

Lighting and Electrical

Leveraging available incentives through government programs, we can offer you savings of substantial magnitude with attractive ROIs and manage your entire lighting upgrade project from audit to hand-off.

What is power quality solution?
What are the remedies to improve power quality?
How do you overcome power quality issues?
What are the basic power quality measures?

Power Quality Solutions

We can address any power quality issues you may be experiencing with our customized, state-of-the-art power conditioning equipment.

distributed energy resources

ICI Solutions

Minimize or eliminate your “Global-Adjustment” costs with our tailored Global Adjustment Mitigation Packages.

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