Power Conditioning Solutions

Power Conditioning

Our Engineered Solutions address a wide variety of power related issues that typically result in losses, unwanted interruptions and disruptions, equipment malfunctioning and life-span reduction. Our custom-made systems can help with the following:

Intermittent Power Supply Failure Ride-Through

Power Factor Improvement

Guaranteed Savings Through Demand
Reduction of KVA, KW & KWh

Total Harmonic Distortion Reduction

Surge & Transient Disturbances Suppression

Active Harmonics Filtration

Power Supply Fluctuations &Imbalances

Power Conditioning

Case Studies

A dairy producer in Southern Ontario was experiencing poor power factor and unacceptable Total Harmonic Distortions (THD).
Our custom-built 300kVAR power conditioning unit was able to improve the facility’s power factor, eliminate harmonics and address voltage fluctuations. Additionally, the Power Conditioning system provided ride-through for voltage sags which reduced the number of power interruptions and led to an annual savings of over $20,000. The facility is also enjoying far less downtime.

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power conditioning
power conditioning

A manufacturing corporation suffering from intermittent power supply failures, premature breakdown of motors and power factor related penalties was audited to discover the root cause. Our engineering team designed a 325kVAR system that not only addressed their core issues, but also helped minimize their secondary process related losses.
Since implementation of the system, their average power factor has improved to approximately 98% and they have experienced less-frequent equipment shutdowns due to the induced voltage sags or swells.

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Power conditioning units add a compensating reactive power power to the facility, which helps to improve the power factor and reduce energy costs.

power factor

Components in our solution

power conditioning
power conditioning
power conditioning
power conditioning
power conditioning

A power conditioning unit typically consists of several components that work together to ensure that the electrical power supplied to a device or system is consistent and within acceptable limits. Detuned Reactors, capacitor cans, contactors, disconnects and the controller are main components of the system.

provide bills

Provide Bills

Preliminary numbers
power quality audit

Preliminary Numbers

Preliminary numbers

Power Quality Audit


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